Bird watching

Bird watching

Bird watching. The Hellenic Ornithological Society works hard on the study and protection of the birds and their habitats in Greece. It informs the public on all matters concerning the Greek bird species and invites more people to join the Society and take part in the protection of the environment. It is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1982 and constitutes the only Greek organization that deals with the protection of the birds and their habitats in Greece.

The Hellenic Ornithological Society can give you much information if you are looking to organize your bird watching holidays in Greece. Have in mind that there are 196 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Greece, selected on the basis of European and international criteria. These Bird Areas are particularly important for the survivance and conservation of rare bird species, endemic species, migratory or permanent residents of the habitat.

Many Important Bird Areas are situated all over Greece. In Northern Greece, the most famous IBAs are the deltas of Evros and Nestos rivers; Porto Lagos Lagoons; Mount Falakron near Drama town; Mount Olympos, the highest Greek mountain; lake Kerkini near Kilkis town; and the lakes Mikri Prespa and Megali Prespa, right on the borders between Greece and Albania.

In Western Greece, particularly interesting to practice bird watching are Acheloos valley, Amvrakikos gulf, the central part of Zagoria, the lagoons of Mesolongi and lake Amvrakia. Most famous IBAs in the Peloponnese are Vouraikos gorge near Kalavryta, lake Stymfalia, the delta of Evrotas river and mount Taygetos.

In Thessaly and Sterea Ellada, it would be interesting to visit Mount Pelion, Mount Othrys, Sperchios valley, Mount Iti and Mount Vardousia. There are also some IBAs in Attiki prefecture, close to Athens, such as Mount Parnitha and Schinias marsh.

As for bird watching holidays in Greek islands, there are interesting IBAs in almost every single island and in many close by islets. We mention, for example, the lagoons in Corfu island, Antiparos islet, Ikaria island and Fourni island, Lefka Ori mountains in Crete island, Kallonis Gulf on Lesvos island and many others.

The Greek IBAs, apart from interesting bird species, also offer spectacular views of the Greek nature. They are suitable for both novice and experienced bird watchers and constitute a good reason to visit Greece.