Macedonia is a large region that covers most part of northern Greece. Tourist destinations in Macedonia are ideal for summer holidays, winter trips and city breaks.

The region of Macedonia in mainland Greece covers the largest part of northern Greece, actually one fourth of the country’s territory. It is geographically located between Pindus Mountains and Nestos River.

Although the majority of Macedonia is mountainous, it also has large valleys. The largest mountain is Olympus, also the tallest mountain of Greece, with an altitude of 2,917 m. Mount Olympus is a frequent trekking and mountain climbing destination. The region of Macedonia also has many rivers and lakes. Aliakmonas River is the longest is Greece, while very long are also Nestos River and Axios River. Lake Kerkini and Prespes Lakes are amazing natural reserves.

Although tourism in Macedonia is not that developed as in other parts of Greece, however it has landscapes of amazing beauty. The most popular summer destinations in Macedonia are Halkidiki, Pieria and Kavala. The town of Thessaloniki is lively every season and has interesting sightseeing. The rest of Macedonia is a great place to explore. With fabulous natural beauty and many ski centres, Macedonia has amazing towns for winter tourism, like Kastoria and Florina.