This is a peaceful, low-rise tourist village sprawling 1¼ mls along the main road and spreading 500 yds to the sea. Chanioti is devoted almost entirely to the needs of tour groups, but is by no means brash or overpowering. In fact, there is a surprisingly relaxing ambience that is somewhat contagious. Although it is a modern resort, its pretty central square, winding streets and traditional-style, red-roofed buildings suggest greater age. One strength is a traffic-free frontage to a pretty beach with a pine-shaded park at one end. It is a relaxing venue for groups of most ages, it is one of the most popular resorts on the peninsula. Visitors are predominantly British and Scandinavian holidaymakers, plus hordes of Greeks from mid-June to the end of Aug. The accommodation here is mid-range hotels in the majority, with a few leaning towards the luxury and budget ends of the spectrum. The grounds tend to have rather unruly greenery, but it adds to the atmosphere. Locality: Chanioti is on the east coast of the Kassandra Peninsula of Halkidiki (62 mls SE of Thessaloniki; 57 mls SE of the airport by reasonably well-maintained road).

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