Polychrono is an historic village of the peninsula, where visitors can view all that they have dreamed for their holidays. Turquoise sea, beach awarded with blue flag, golden sand, green pine and olive trees on the surrounding hills and most of all: Hellenic hospitality.

Visitors can watch the sun rise over the small island of Kelyfos and the Mt Athos, in front of the pine forest and the sources in it. They may explore the only lake in the peninsula, the Mavropetra, an admirable natural habitat under the protection of international conventions and Law, since three unique turtle species live there.

In Polychrono, guests may visit the Folk museum, where a small trip to the past will demonstrate the way of living of locals. Also, the village has several churches and traditional buildings.

The stay at the apartments and hotels, the taverns, restaurants and bars will be full of happy moments and pictures to keep from this lovely village.