Hiking & trekking

Hiking and trekking

The different landscapes of Greece make walking and hiking an enjoyable and refreshing sport. In fact, the past years many trekking clubs have opened all over the country and have set paths for hiking. Walking in Greece is particularly popular in the mainland, where landscapes vary more and things are more organized. Zagoria, Meteora and Central Peloponnese are the most popular places, while clubs usually organize hiking with other activities, such as archery or rafting. The difficulty of the walking paths in Greece differs depending on the landscape of each region and its weather. Usually, these hiking paths cross gorges, lakes, valleys, mountainsides and include visits to monasteries or archaeological sites. They are part of agrotourism, the new kind of tourism that is developed the last years. For successful walking in greece, you are advised to always have a good map of the area with you and a guide, if you don’t know the route well. Remember that cells usually do not work in the mountains and weather may change quickly, especially in winter. Special equipment is not required for hiking, except for an athletic outfit and trainers.

LEAD S.A. (Trekking Hellas Head Office Athens)

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