Malia, Crete


Malia is the most touristic town of Crete, located 35km east of Heraklion, on the outskirts of Mount Selena. Its name means “flat area”, because Malia is situated on a fertile plain. Indeed, it is famous throughout Greece for the delicious bananas grown in the greenhouses in the area. The valley has many springs and in the past was known for its windmills, used for watering the local potato crops.
Many years ago, Malia was a small coastal village with few residents. Malia has seen a rapid growth in recent years and the town has expanded towards all directions.
Malia has two main roads that meet at the center of town, in front of the Church of Saint Nektarios. The first one street is a pedestrian street connecting the old village with the beach. This is full with clubs and bars, where thousands of young tourists party every night. The second road is vertical to the first and is full with shops, cafes, super markets, banks, clinics etc. Things here are much calmer.