Located south of Peloponnese, Kythira Greece is a lovely family island with secluded atmosphere. With an intense Medieval style and unorganized beaches, this is a great place for total relaxation. Avlemonas, Agia Pelagi, Chora and Kapsali are the main tourist places in Kythira, while a tour around the island will bring you to mountainous villages, abandoned places, hidden beaches and monasteries. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Kythira are accessible through a track road. Holidays in Kythira will give you amazing moments of relaxation and privacy.

The island of Kythira is one of the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea and it belongs to the Ionian islands group. Kythira island is a pure marvel of the Greek islands. Located on the southern side of Peloponnese, it belongs to the Ionian islands, although it is located far from the other islands of the Ionian Sea. Famous for the relaxing atmosphere and the secluded beaches, the island also has many sights to visit and things to do. The Venetian Castle above Chora, the capital town, offers breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea and the southern coasts of Peloponnese. The monasteries of Agia Moni, Agia Elesa and Myrtidiotissa are among the most famous on Kythira island, while the small church inside the cave of Agia Sofia is also worth a visit. During your Kythira holidays, do not miss a stroll around the ghost village of Paleochora, followed by a swim in the beach of Lagkada below.

Most hotels in Kythira island are found in the beach resorts of Kapsali and Agia Pelagia. These place have a large variety of accommodations, mostly small seaside hotels, traditional apartments and rooms to stay in your Kythira holidays. The villages of Diakofti and Avlemonas also have good accommodation options. The island has no large resorts, although some hotels have more upscale facilities, such as pools.