Agios Nektarios, Aegina

The Monastery of Agios Nektarios was built around 1904-1910 by the bishop Pentapoleos Nektarios. 
Nektarios lived in the Monastery and died in 1920. 
In 1961 he was declared a Saint. 
The Monastery is on the road to Saint Marina and it’s about 6 kilometers away from the town of Aegina. 
The church has two tall bell-towers and 4 rows of windows which all have red archs for crowning.

Fourteen nuns live in this Monastery. 
The Monastery celebrates on 9th November and thousands of people gather on this day from every part of Greece. 
There are many rows and dedications made from a great numberof worshippers in this Monastery. 

Telephone of the Monastery : 22970 – 53806

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