The story of Lake Kerkini in Macedonia goes as follows. During the 1930s, the people constructed a dam that changed the landscape in the following decades. The result is a lake that inhabits dozens of bird species, some of which found shelter from extinction here.
Kerkini Lake isn’t attractive only to birds, however. Many fish species inhabit the wetlands, while humans come to enjoy fresh air and fascinating beauty of the lake.
The lake owes its unparalleled beauty to hills and mountains that surround it. Before you set off on scaling the vantage points for some superb views, take photos of riverside forests that will match any postcard. The more you climb, the more you will become aware of how Lake Kerkini is large.
Rich bird life of approximately 300 species resides around the human-made lake. More so, the surrounding area is famous as one of the best birdwatching destinations in Europe. Among other species, you can see pelicans, cormorants and herons around.
Many visitors come to the artificial lake to admire its exceptional beauty. Besides magnificent scenery, Lake Kerkini promotes ecotourism. Admire the landscape by walking along the lakeside or by taking a boat ride in traditional boats.