The region of Epirus is geographically located on the north western side of Greece, close to the borders with Albania. The majority of this region is mountainous, but many famous tourist places have developed there over the last years. Parga and Sivota are the most famous summer places in Epirus Greece, attracting thousands of visitors with the gorgeous beaches, the green landscape and the interesting sightseeing. However, it is also popular for winter holiday. The most famous winter destinations in Epirus are the town of Ioannina and the mountainous villages of Zagoria. This Epirus travel guide will give you all the necessary information to organize your holiday in Greece. Only the last years is Epirus developing in tourism. The most tourist developed places are Parga, Zagoria, Ioannina and Sivota, some ideal for summer and other for winter holidays. As Epirus is a mountainous region, the majority of the villages are located in the inland and not along the coastline. Due to its secluded location from the rest of the Greek mainland, Epirus has an architectural style of its own. The villages are small, houses are made of stone and paved paths cross the village center.

As it has experienced large waves of immigration over the last two centuries, it frequently happens that some villages have very few permanent inhabitants. The villages of the coastline, facing the Ionian Sea, are also small but they are gradually developing in tourism. The most famous tourist places in Epirus are Parga and Sivota. View our travel guide of Epirus villages and find information about some of the most beautiful villages of Greece.

Only the right side of Epirus is watered by the Ionian Sea, but this side has some of the best beaches in Greece. The beaches of Valtos, Lichnos and Sarakiniko are located close to Parga and they have amazing waters. Heading from Parga to the north towards Sivota, you will find small coves with fabulous green landscape. Bella Vraka is the most famous beach in Sivota. Heading from Parga to the south towards Preveza, you will notice that most beaches are sandy but they all have clean water, too. Kastrosykia, Loutsa and Ammoudia are the most popular beaches on this side.

Most hotels in Epirus, Greece, are found in the tourist spots of the region, including Parga, Zagoria, Ioannina, Sivota and Preveza.