Tiny and secluded, Koufonisia island is the best place for absolute relaxation in Greece. Geographically located south of Naxos, in the centre of the Cyclades, Koufonisia is actually a group of two islands, Ano and Kato Koufonisi. Only Ano Koufonisi is inhabited and has a main port village where all studios, taverns and shops are found. All beaches in Koufonisia have exotic water and some are used by naturists, like Pori and Fanos. In general, holidays in Koufonisia are amazingly quiet, away from crowds.

The island of Koufonisia is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Cyclades islands group. It is a remote and quiet island with few things to do but became very popular in recent years. The center of activities in Koufonisia island is Chora, a small village with picturesque Cycladic architecture and few tourist facilities, including accommodation, fish taverns and lounge cafeterias. Around Koufonisia island, there are fabulous beaches with soft sand and exotic water. Accessible by foot, boat or bicycle, the beaches are perfect to relax during your Koufonisia holidays. Pori, Italida and Fanos are only few of the many fabulous beaches around the island. Due to the remote location and the limited visitors, most of the beaches are also nudist.

The only village in Koufonisia island is Chora, so most accommodations are concentrated there. Small hotels and studios can be found right on the beach, and traditional rooms and apartments are scattered around the small settlement. As the tourist development on the island has expanded the past years, some hotels in Koufonisia have pools and other upscale facilities. Some accommodations offer bicycles to their guests to explore the island by their own during their holidays in Koufonisia.