Hydra island

One of the most picturesque islands of Greece, Hydra is accessible in only 2 hours ferry ride from Athens. The charming town amazes visitors at first sight with the elegant grey stone mansions constructed on the slopes of the hill. The special thing about Hydra island is that motor vehicles are not allowed and all transport is done by foot or boat. This little place is great for hiking as hiking paths lead to old mansions and monasteries in the countryside. Holidays in Hydra will give you unique moments of true relaxation.

The special thing about Hydra island is that cars and generally all motor vehicles are prohibited in the entire island, so all transport is done on foot, by boat or riding the donkey. According to mythology, the Lernaean Hydra was a nine-headed monster, sister of Medusa, and was killed by Hercules. Geographically located between Poros and Spetses, this is among the most picturesque Greek islands and it belongs to the Saronic islands group. The main town distinguishes with the elegant stone mansions constructed on the slopes of a hill around the port and the cosmopolitan nightlife. This port is the most romantic place for an evening drink, a long promenade and a dinner at the many restaurants. Kaminia and Mandraki are also picturesque villages, while relaxing beaches are found all around the island. Agios Nikolaos, Bisti, Kaminia and Vlichos are amazing beaches to swim. If you like trekking, note that many trekking paths start from the Town and lead to monasteries in the centre of the island.

Most accommodations in Hydra island are concentrated in the scenic capital of the island, Hydra Town. There are plenty of small, friendly hotels and romantic boutique guesthouses there, housed in elegant stone mansions. These venues provide easy access to the many tourist facilities of the town and to the port. Few studios are also found in Kaminia and Vlichos, while a large hotel is constructed in Mandraki.