Thrace (Greek: Θράκη – Thraki), an area where legend had once placed the mythical land of Orpheus is generously bestowed by nature. It is famous for its pristine and beautiful landscapes that make it an outdoor paradise offering abundant opportunities for discovery and adventure. The Rodopi (Rhodope) mountain range and Saos mountain on Samothraki; the rivers Evros, Nestos, and Ardas; lakes Vistonida and Ismarida;Dadia forest and the Evros River Delta with their internationally acclaimed wetlands; fertile valleys, dense forests, and endless stretches of white sandy beaches, all, compose a captivating whole. 

Thrace’s landmark archaeological sites as well as its Byzantine, medieval, and Ottoman monuments are points of reference as is its rich cultural heritage whose key characteristic is the peaceful co-existence of the Christian and Muslim traditions. Visitors can enjoy a sophisticated brand of tourism that caters to international travelers, families and groups a like.