Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece and due to its busy airport, it serves as a transportation hub for the northern part of the country. Due to its rick history, there are many interesting sights to see in the town, mostly dating from the Roman and the Byzantine times. The geographical location also makes Thessaloniki a convenient base for excursions in northern and central Greece. Holidays in Thessaloniki is actually ideal if you enjoy history, shopping and nightlife. Many direct flights arrive there from abroad as well as buses and trains from the Balkan countries. 

Thessaloniki is the second largest of all Greek cities. It is located in the region of Macedonia. The rich culture and long history of Thessaloniki Greece is evident through the various sites of the town. The most famous monument of Thessaloniki Greece is certainly the White Tower, the symbol of the town, located above the port. Equally famous is the Kamara, the arch that Roman general Galerius constructed to celebrate a war victory in the 3rd century AD. In the centre, you can also visit the Roman Agora, an ancient theatre and the Palace of Galerius, which stand there as remainings of the Roman Era.

The Byzantine Period has left beautiful churches all over the town, which in fact have been included in the Unesco List of World Heritage Monuments. Walking along the beach promenade is the first and most favorite thing to do in the city. In the inner side of the promenade, there are lovely neighbourhoods to stroll around. Aristotle Square is the most frequent spot to have a coffee, Ladadika is the top nightlife quarter of the city with many restaurants and bars, while the Old Town is picturesque with its narrow, paved streets and the stone houses. Holidays in Thessaloniki is perfect for sightseeing at interesting monuments and museums.

Hotels in Thessaloniki are concentrated at the city center so that they are in close distance to shops and sights. In particular, the regions around Aristotle Square, Egnatia, Ladadika and the Beach Promenade are the liveliest parts of the city and boast a wide variety of accommodations, from luxurious five-star hotels and suites, to budget hotels and hostels with simple facilities. These quarters are the most convenient place to stay during your Thessaloniki holidays.