Greece trains


International Rail

In the past, there were international trains connecting Greece to Bulgaria, Romania, Germany and Istanbul but nowadays these trains have stopped working.

Links The Greek railway system is served by OSE, the Greek train organization. The main railway routes in Greece are: Athens-Thessaloniki, Athens-Patra (served by Proastiakos train till Kiato), Athens/Thessaloniki-Alexandroupoli (Dikaia), Athens/Thessaloniki-Florina and Athens/Thessaloniki-Kalambaka. Over the last years, there is a large effort to renovate the railway system and make Greece trains faster. Note that in the route Athens-Thessaloniki, there is also an Intercity Train that covers the route in 4 hours, while the normal train needs about 6 hours. 

For cultural reasons, few rail lines have been preserved by OSE and work till today for tourist reasons. These thematic trains in Greece are:

– Train from Diakofto to Kalavryta: this route is a tourist attraction that starts from Diakofto in northern Peloponnese, crosses Vouraikos Gorge, passes by Zachlorou village and then arrives in Kalavryta. The route lasts for 1 hour and it takes place all year round, on weekends and national holidays.

– Steam Train of Pelion: the steam train of Pelion departs from Ano Lehonia, makes a stop in Ano Gatzea and arrives in Milies, crossing a place of wild natural beauty. The route lasts for 90 minutes and takes place in summer on the weekends.

– Trains to Katakolo to Ancient Olympia: the route from Katakolo to Ancient Olympia lasts for 45 min and serves the thousands of international tourists that arrive to Katakolon by cruise ship. Train schedules vary depending on the month and the traffic.