Famous as the legendary homeplace of Odysseus, Ithaca island is a paradisial island for total relaxation. It has amazing lush greenery, gem villages and beaches with blue green waters. Kioni and Vathy are the most picturesque villages, while wonderful beaches to swim are Filiatro, Sarakiniko and Agios Ioannis. A boat from Vathy goes to the fantastic and secluded beach of Gidaki. Apart from swimming, this small place is also great for hiking. Hiking paths cross the island and lead to small villages and ancient remains. 

The island of Ithaca, in Greece, is one of the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea and it belongs to the Ionian islands group. This is a quiet and remote island. Vathy is where most activities on Ithaca island are concentrated. Vathy, Kioni and Frikes are the most tourist places on Ithaca, without losing their authentic beauty though. The entire landscape of Ithaca Greece is like a paradise, with lush greenery, small villages scattered around and secluded coves with blue green water. Swimming and walking are the most popular activities on the island. Sightseeings and things to do during your Ithaca holidays are few and include a couple of small museums and ancient remains. Although many excavations have been made on the island, the ancient town of Odysseus has not been discovered yet.

Most accommodation in Ithaca are found in Vathy, the capital of the island. These accommodations include family hotels, traditional studios and charming guesthouses. Kioni and Frikes, on the northern side of the island, also have nice accommodation options with simple facilities. As Ithaca island keeps a low profile in tourist development, accommodation there is traditional and does not include large resorts. Some hotels have few more luxurious facilities, like pools, but nothing in exaggeration.