Mathraki island is a totally secluded place on the northern side of Corfu. It is accessible by boat from Agios Stefanos and receives very few tourists even in high season. There are no buses and almost no cars in Mathraki, therefore visitors have to move around by foot or private means if they have, like boat or motorbike. Only few rooms to rent are found in Mathraki, around the port. They are simple rooms with no special facilities, except for the basic. The most beautiful beach in Mathraki is Portello. The other beaches are mostly pebbled but offer much privacy. The island of Mathraki, in Greece, is one of the Greek islands of the Ionian Sea and it belongs to the Ionian islands group. Mathraki island is a totally isolate and unknown island of Greece, with very limited things to do. Tourist facilities in Mathraki island is very limited and all transport is done on foot. Most beaches are rocky, such as Apidies, Arvanitiko or Fyki. Be prepared for long walk in your Mathraki holidays, as there is no public transport there. The only sandy beach is Portello, a gorgeous coast on the eastern side of the island that extends for long and has amazing water. Surrounded by lush greenery, Portello is a lovely beach to relax. The only village is Chorio. Located on the southern side of the island, Chorio is surrounded by much greenery and gives gorgeous view to the sea. Few houses also dot the area around the port, however this is not a village but rather a port settlement, Plakes.

Accommodations in Mathraki are extremely limited and include only few traditional studios and rooms with very simple facilities. These venues are concentrated between the port of Plakes and the beach of Portello, which is the main beach on the island. They are enough the cater the few visitors that spend their holidays in Mathraki.