The Prefecture of Serres is gifted with exceptional natural beauty, unique archaeological sites and impressive historical monuments. Poles of attraction are winter sport in the ski centre of Laidia, Byzantine castles, monasteries and a curative source in Nigrita. The Prefecture is extremely developed and, as far as tourism is concerned, attracts many visitors, especially during winter.

Serres, the capital of the Prefecture by the same name, is a modern, bustling town and the commercial centre of the greater region. It has broad streets and open squares while the newly built part blends pleasantly with the old. In its northern sector, on the pine-wooden hill of Koula, the ruins of the ancient acropolis and the Byzantine castle bear witness to a history spanning many centuries. There is also a 14th century church here, dedicated to St. Nicholas with beautiful mosaics. 12km away, in a gorge stands the monastery of Timios Prodromos (St. John the Baptist) with frescoes of various periods. Serres with its modern capital and the continually changing landscape is worth visiting.

Wandering around the prefecture of Serres, visitors come across various beautiful settlements. Agia Eleni, a village famous for the custom “Anastenaria” (walking on coals), Alistrati is a village gifted with a magnificent cave and an imposing canyon as well as the village of Amphipolis, which is located at the archaeological site of the homonymous ancient town. Moreover, the tobacco village Gazoros, the village Kerkini close to the homonymous lake, the village Monoklissia famous for its traditional customs, the tourist resort of Nea Kerdilia, the agricultural hamlet Neos Skopos, the range in Nigrita and the beautiful border town of Sidirokastro are definitely worth a visit. Especially Sidirokastro is a very pretty town built on the banks of the Kroussovitis River with an amazing surrounding area of great vegetation, streams, waterfalls, bridges, churches and monasteries.