Located on the northern side of the Aegean Sea, Thassos is a lush green island with amazing beaches. This is a totally relaxing place, ideal for long days on the beach. With crystal water and surrounded by lush greenery, the beaches on the island can be organized with lounges and watersports or totally secluded for more private moments. This is also an island for hiking, as many hiking trails cross the countryside and pass through mountainous villages and gorges. Holidays in Thassos are a great experience for families and romantic couples.

One of the Greek islands on the North Eastern Aegean Sea, Thassos island impresses visitors with the cozy crystal beaches. Paradise, Makriammos, Golden Beach, Alyki, Metalia and Livadi are only few of the fabulous beaches in Thassos. Enjoy a long day at the beach and then try local dishes at the seaside restaurants. Many other coves can be found around the island to suit all preferences. Apart from gorgeous beaches, the island also has traditional villages in the mountainsides, with grey roofs, stone houses and paved paths. Trekking paths depart from these villages and lead to castle ruins, hill tops and caves. The most interesting sightseeings in Thassos island are the Ancient Agora above Limenas and the Monastery of Archangel Michael with the magnificent view to the Aegean Sea.

As this is a well-developed island close to the Greek mainland, accommodation in Thassos offers a wide variety of options. The villages of Limenas and Limenaria, and also the beach places of Potos and Skala Potamias concentrate many hotels and studios on the island. Many other beaches are lined up with family hotels, self-catering apartments and rooms to rent, as well as romantic suites and villas with more luxurious facilities. Upscale resorts are also found in Thassos island, with large pools, jacuzzi, gyms and spa treatments. In general, accommodation in Thassos can be both family style and luxurious.