Iraklia is a tiny island that belongs to Small Cyclades. Tourist development is limited there and visitors are very few even in high season. Holidays in Iraklia are totally private and secluded. The beaches are not organized and accessible only by foot or private means. They are all large in size and offer fantastic moments of privacy and peace. Accommodation in Iraklia is scattered around the port and in some beaches close to the port. This is a great island for hiking and nudism.

The island of Iraklia is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Cyclades islands group. This is a quiet and remote place. Iraklia island has two villages: Panagia, located in the centre of the island, and Agios Georgios, which serves as the main port. Both these villages have traditional architecture but Agios Georgios is more tourist developed, as it offers few studios and a couple of fish taverns. Iraklia island has many beautiful beaches around its coastline and few things to do, apart from swimming. Some of these beaches can be accessed on foot, while others are more remote and the trekking path is more difficult. The most famous and impressive beach is Livadi, a long sandy beach with crystal water on the eastern side of Iraklia in Greece. However, the beach of Agios Georgios gets more popular due to its closeness to the port.

There are no large hotels in Iraklia, as it is an island untouched by mass tourism. However, a good number of small, traditional studios and beautiful guesthouses are found in close proximity to the port. These venues are usually built with traditional Cycladic architecture, they have simple facilities and they are run by the locals. These are the best places to stay during your Iraklia holidays.