Anafi is a tiny place located close to Santorini, on the southern side of the Aegean Sea. Due to its volcanic background, Anafi island has wild landscape and sandy beaches. Most frequented beaches in Anafi are found on the south of the island and include Kleidisi, Katsouni, Megas Potamos and more. All Anafi beaches are non-organized and accessible by boat or foot. The only village on the island is Chora, constructed on the slopes of a hill. Holidays in Anafi are truly secluded and away from crowds.

The island of Anafi is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Cyclades islands group. Beaches on Anafi island are crystal and clean. Either pebbled or sandy, all beaches on the island will offer you the calmness you need on holidays. Most popular beaches are located around the port and include Agios Nikolaos and Kleisidi. This is also where some taverns and studios can be found. To go to the other beaches on the island, you need to walk. Distances are short on Anafi and things to do are actually few, except for swimming and hiking. The only village and capital  of Anafi island is Chora, only 20 minutes walk from the port. Chora is built among high mountainsides and gives nice view to the sea and the wild landscape of the island. This is where some activity is concentrated and where most amenities and services can be found. Another settlement is also gradually being created around the port, but it consists only of summer houses.

The majority of the accommodation in Anafi island is found in the only village, Chora. Accommodation options consist mostly of charming apartments and rooms to rent in traditional Cycladic buildings. Simple, cozy rooms can also be rented at the beach of Kleisidi, which otherwise has no tourist facilities, but it is preferred as a base due to its proximity to the beach, the port and the village of Chora. Anafi holidays will certainly be the experience of a lifetime.