Located on the western side of Cyclades, Milos island is a romantic destination with gorgeous beaches. Due to its volcanic background, the landscape of Milos is truly impressive. The coastline varies in colors and geographical formations, while the beaches of Milos are also very special. Sarakiniko, Tsigrado, Firiplaka and Paleochori are among the most beautiful beaches on the island, while the sea region of Kleftiko amazes visitors with the rocks coming out of the sea. Very characteristic in Milos Greece are also the fishing villages with the boat garages that are found on the northern side of the island, such as Klima, Fyropotamos, Mandraki and others.

The island of Milos is one of the popular Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Cyclades islands group. Due to its volcanic landscape, the beaches of Milos vary in geological formation. This is also why the island is rich in natural resources. The most characteristic beach is Sarakiniko, with an impressive lunar landscape. Very beautiful are also the beaches on the southern side of the island, including Tsigrado, Paleochori and Agia Kyriaki. Not to miss is a trip to Kleftiko, the Sea Meteora as it is called, a region with impressive rocks in the sea. Among the sightseeing of Milos are also the fishing villages with the colorful buildings that actually constitute boat garages. Klima and Firopotamos are such characteristic fishing villages. Plaka and Pollonia with the Cycladic architecture are nice places to walk around and enjoy the view to the Aegean Sea. From the small port of Pollonia, lined up with nice fish restaurants, tourists can take a day trip to Kimolos island.

Most hotels in Milos island are found in Plaka, Adamas and Pollonia. These are the three most developed villages in this Cycladic island. There is great variety of accommodation in those areas, ranging from family hotels and apartments, to romantic suites and luxurious villas by the sea. Some apartments are also found in other more secluded places including Plathiena, Sarakiniko and Paleochori. Generally Milos, in Greece, has more traditional accommodations and not many luxurious resorts.