Pieria is the land of the nine Muses and the Olympian Gods. The Prefecture is situated among Olympus, the Mountains of Pieria and the coasts of Thermaikos Gulf.

The coast of Pieria is unique due to its vast expanses of sandy beaches that you can find there. They extend over 70km from the resort of Nei Pori, to the slopes of Mount Olympus, right up to the village of Methoni and the wetlands surrounding the mouth of River Aliakmonas. Wide beaches of untouched natural beauty, rich golden stretches of sand interspersed with pebbles and the cooling shade of pine trees are combined in harmony with the peaceful blue waters of the sea.

Pieria has the advantage of having one of the best road connections in Greece, and is easily accessible from all regions of the country and abroad. There are many buses daily to/from Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Igoumenitsa, Alexandroupolis and Patras.

The climate of Katerini is typically Mediterranean. It is generally mild with limited rainfalls and cool summers with a lot of sunshine. The lowest temperature during winter is between December and February from 3 to 19 degrees. The highest temperature occurs during summer months, from 23 to 34 degrees.