An island of Small Cyclades, Donoussa in Greece is a secluded place to enjoy private holidays. It can be visited for a short stay or for a day trip from Naxos or Amorgos. Beaches in Donoussa are unorganized and perfect for private moments. Some secluded places are also nice for nudism. The only village and main port of Donoussa is where most activities, taverns and shops are found on this tiny island of the Aegean Sea. Holidays in Donoussa is great for total privacy and relaxation.

The island of Donoussa is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Cyclades islands group. It is a remote and quiet island. Donοussa village is the capital and the main port of the island. A few other settlements are scattered around the island but they are sparsely populated. Most tourism amenities for comfortable Donoussa holidays and things to do are found in the capital village. The only organized beach on Donoussa island is located close to the port, where most tourism facilities are found. The other beaches of the island are spread around its coasts and remain pretty remote, even in high season. The most famous of these remote beaches is Kendros, which gets particularly popular among free campers. The beaches can be reached mostly on foot or by rental bike but attention is needed as roads are usually track roads.

Despite the limited tourist development in Donoussa island, there is a good amount of accommodation to suit the needs of visitors in Chora, the main village of the island. Chora has small studios, apartments and traditional rooms to offer, instead of large hotels. These venues are scattered around the village and at the beach of Chora, which is the only organized beach in Donoussa.