Although Kea island is located to Athens, only 90 minutes ferry ride from the port of Lavrion, it is not much open to foreign visitors. Instead it is a popular weekend destination for the Athenians and in fact many Athenians have summer houses there. Holidays in Kea Greece offer a truly relaxing experience. With lovely seaside villages, crystal beaches and traditional houses, the architecture of Kea does not remind much of the Cyclades due to the earthy colours. Over the last years, many luxurious villas have been constructed on the island, on the slopes of hills with fantastic view.

The island of Kea is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Cyclades islands group. It is a quiet island located only an hour away from Athens. Due to the beautiful landscape, holidays in Kea are truly relaxing. The picturesque villages of Kea island are surely worth a visit. Starting from the capital village of Ioulida with the Medieval castle and the famous Stone Lion, to the heart of nightlife in Vourkari and the beautiful port of Korissia, all settlements of Kea are nice and relaxing. The island also offers a wide variety of beaches and things to do. Koundouros, Gialiskari and Otzias are the most best organized beaches, where many tourist facilities and accommodation can also be found. Apart from these, it is a nice place for trekking. Particularly popular are the trekking paths to Ancient Karthea and the Monastery of Kastriani.

The majority of hotels in Kea are found in the settlements of Korissia, Vourkari and Koundouros. These villages have charming studios, apartments and rooms to rent. Kea holidays also can be very luxurious. Over the last years, many upscale hotels and villas are constructed in the region of Koundouros. These hotels have pools and gorgeous view to the Aegean Sea.