KTEL Buses

Contrary to most countries in Europe, the most popular means of transport to travel in Greece in not the train but the bus. The rail network is not well organized and very slow and buses in Greece are used for most travel between main Greek cities. The largest Greek cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras) have bus route to most locations around Greece, either direct or via connection. There are also Greece buses between Athens and large towns of the Balkans.

International connections

There are frequent buses between Athens and large towns of the Balkans. In fact, there are bus connections between Athens and Istanbul , Sofia, Bucharest and Tirana. These buses usually depart from Karaiskaki Square in Metaxourgio, Athens. Such buses also depart from Thessaloniki. 

National Connections

There are buses from Athens to almost all towns in Greece. There are also regional bus stations that connect large towns with local villages and important towns of the area. These buses are green and they are served by KTEL, the company of suburban buses in Greece. Buses depart from two major stations in Athens, Kifissos and Liossion Stations.

Bus stations in Athens

Information about the main KTEL bus stations in Athens but also KTEL stations in the Greek islands and mainland cities.

Kifissos Bus Station

Kifissos Bus Station in Athens serves buses to cities in Greece but also the Ionian islands. There are blue buses from Omonoia Square to Kifissos and a direct bus (X93) from the airport of Athens to Kifissos.

Liossion Bus Station

Liossion Bus Station in Athens serves buses to the prefecture of Sterea (e.g. towns like Lamia, Agios Konstantinos, Kammena Vourla, Karpenisi, Delphi, Levadia, Arachova, etc), towns of Northern Greece (e.g. Volos, Katerini, etc) and the island of Evia. To go to Liossion Station, you take the metro line till Attiki metro station and then a bus or taxi to Liossion (10 min drive). Take a bus that goes up Liossion St, where the station is. 


Ktel in the islands: 

Chios island: www.ktelchios.gr

Corfu: www.ktelkerkyras.gr

Crete: www.bus-service-crete-ktel.com

Evia: www.ktelevias.gr

Mykonos: www.ktelmykonos.gr

Paros: www.ktelparou.gr

Santorini: www.ktel-santorini.gr

Syros: www.ktel-syrou.gr

Zakynthos: www.ktel-zakynthos.gr

 Ktel in Athens and the mainland

Attikis (in Athens): www.ktelattikis.gr

Achaias: www.achaiaktel.gr

Argolidas: www.ktel-argolidas.gr

Arkadias: www.ktelarkadias.gr

Corinth: www.ktel-korinthias.gr

Etoloakarnanias: www.ktel-aitol.gr

Evros: www.ktelevrou.gr

Fokida: www.ktel-fokidas.gr

Fthiotida: www.ktelfthiotidos.gr

Halkidiki: www.oasth.gr

Ileia: www.ktelileias.gr

Imathia: www.ktelimathias.gr

Karditsa: www.ktel-karditsas.gr

Komotini/Rodopis: www.ktelrodopis.gr

Kozani: www.ktelkozanis.gr

Lakonia: www.ktel-lakonias.gr

Larissa: www.ktellarissas.gr

Makedonia: www.ktel-makedonia.gr

Messinias: www.ktelmessinias.gr

Pellas: www.ktelpellas.gr

Thessaloniki: www.ktel-thes.gr

Thesprotia: www.ktel-thesprotias.gr

Trikala: www.ktel-trikala.gr

Volos – Magnisia: www.ktelvolou.gr

Xanthi: www.ktelxanthis.gr