Agistri in Greece is a small island of the Saronic Gulf, only an hour ferry ride from Athens. Due to its close distance to the Greek capital, it is visited for a day trip or for short holidays. This beautiful place is dotted with much greenery, traditional villages and cozy beaches with crystal water. There is a bus and a tourist train going from Skala and Megalochori to Dragonera and Aponissos, the two most famous beaches on the island. Agistri is also known for the naturist beach of Halikiada.

The island of Agistri is one of the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Saronic islands group. The small island of Agistri is nice for relaxing holidays or for a day trip from Athens and Aegina. Small in size but with great natural beauty, Agistri island has lush greenery, great beaches and nice things to do. Skala, Aponissos and Dragonera are the most organized beaches, while very popular is also the naturist beach of Halikiada. Sightseeing is very few for your Agistri holidays. Most activities are concentrated on swimming and walking around peaceful, traditional villages. There is a bus and a road train going to the beaches of the island.

The majority of accommodation in Agistri island are found in the popular beach resort of Skala. There are some hotels in Agistri, but accommodation is mostly limited to traditional apartments and self-catering studios with simple facilities. These venues provide good access to the beach and the well-organized tourist facilities of the island. Few accommodations are also found in Megalochori (also known as Myli) and in places like Skliri, which are found only a short walk from Skala. Generally you will enjoy long walks and relaxing days on the beach during your holidays in Agistri.