An island with rich culture and family beaches, Lesvos in Greece is located on the eastern side of the Aegean. Drive around the island and explore the wonderful villages and sights. Molyvos, Petra, Kalloni, Skala Sykamias and Mytilene are among the most beautiful places on the island. On your way, visitors shall also discover many sights, from roman aqueducts to Byzantine monasteries and castles. Holidays in Lesvos are particularly popular among families and can be combined with the neighboring island of Chios.

The island of Lesvos is one of the popular Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and it belongs to the Eastern Aegean islands group. One of the largest Greek islands, Lesvos island is mostly a family holiday destination. There are many sightseeing in Lesvos dating from all historical periods. The most famous sightseeing are the Medieval Castles of Mytilene, Molyvos and Sigri that protected the island from enemies and pirates in the previous centuries. Very interesting is also the Petrified Forest in Sigri, on the western side of the island. This forest was petrified about 15 to 20 million years ago due to volcanic activity and it is considered of rare geological value today. In the ancient times, Lesvos island was famous for its thermal springs. Worth to visit in Lesvos are also the many monasteries in the inland, including the Monastery of Ipsilou, Limnionas and the Monastery of Agios Raphael, the protector of the island. Relax at the beautiful beaches and try ouzo in the many seaside restaurants.

Due to its large size, hotels in Lesvos is actually spread around the entire island. Places to stay can be found in almost every village and beach there. While the capital of the island, Mytilene, has a large number of hotels and apartments, the most convenient accommodations can be found in popular seaside villages, like Molyvos, Petra, Sigri and Plomari. These areas offer family hotels, traditional apartments and studios, and cozy rooms to rent, as well as a few upscale venues. The beaches of Varia and Skala Kallonis also offer good accommodation options for your Lesvos holidays.