Sterea – Central Greece

Sterea – Central Greece

The region of Sterea is located in central Greece, just above Peloponnese. From the eastern side it is watered by the Aegean Sea and from the western side it is watered by the Ionian Sea. Apart from a handful of places, this region is not much open to tourism, especially to foreign tourists. The ancient oracle of Delphi is the most famous place in Sterea Greece, while the other tourist places are mostly visited by Greeks. Nafpaktos, Arachova, Karpenisi and Evia island are getting particularly popular for holiday all year round. This Sterea travel guide will give you all the necessary information to organize your holiday in Greece.

A drive in the region of Sterea, in Greece, will bring visitors to many lovely towns and villages. Arachova is the most popular tourist destination, receiving mostly winter visitors due to its three ski centres on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Other popular winter destinations are Karpenisi and the picturesque villages of Mountainous Nafpaktia. For summer, particularly frequented are the seaside villages of Evia island, Nafpaktos and Itea. View our travel guide of Sterea villages and find information about some of the most beautiful villages of Greece.

Although the region of Sterea is watered by sea from three sides and has some very nice beaches, however it traditionally keeps a more family-oriented tourism profile. Very beautiful beaches are located around Nafpaktos, Mesolongi and Itea that receives mostly Greek visitors. Somehow open to foreign visitors is the island of Evia, with impressive beach places all around, such as Karystos, Agia Anna and Kimi. View our travel guide of Sterea beaches and find information about some of the best beaches in Greece.

Most luxurious hotels in Sterea are found in Arachova, a cosmopolitan winter destination with ski centers in close distance. The rest of the accommodation in Sterea consists of nice studios, family apartments and traditional guesthouses.