Ecotourism holidays

Ecotourism holidays

Greece is bestowed with not just a rich culture but also a breathtaking range of natural sites and attractions. With a varied geography, ideal Mediterranean climate and the many islands dotting its seas, Greece is the perfect place for ecotourism to flourish. The impressive variety of plants, numbering to over 6,000 species and their sub species, contribute immensely to the European botanical field and make Greece a haven for flora. Geographical diversity is at its peak in Greece, a country where you can find birch forests, alpine grasslands, hidden ravines, high mountain peaks, estuaries, seasonal rivers and so much more. Organize your ecotourism holidays in Greece! Nearly one fifth of the country is included in the European Ecological NATURA 2000 network, which in itself is an indication of the richness of the ecology. Traditionally Greece is known for the spectacular holidays it provides, but now offering something very unique and interesting to visitors, who do not like to tread beaten paths, Greece is opening its doors to welcome ecotourism holidays enthusiasts. Catering to all tastes, Greece gives you the opportunity to either explore breathtaking forests, or take a ride through a national park, not just on the mainland, but also on the little explored quaint islands. If you enjoy bird watching, Greece offers opportunities to travel through coastal ecosystems as well as numerous wetlands, studying rare and exquisite birds. A chance to mingle with marine life should not be let up, with the marine parks allowing visitors to meet normal and endangered species, such as the Mediterranean Monk Seal and the Loggerhead turtles.

One magnificent option is to go sailing and diving in Greece, in the Aegean and Ionian Sea. Opt for an Aegean Tour, which will take you from Cyclades islands and end at the volcanic island of Milos island, where you can see the endangered species of snakes, Milos Viper. On the way you will get to see many other animals as well, including the Loggerhead turtles, wall lizard and many others. During the entire trip you will be greatly entertained by dolphins, which often swim along boats and make for a thoroughly interesting watch. The Ionian Tour is an equally interesting option, which mainly focuses on bringing you closer to the flora and fauna of the islands. The highlight of this tour is the encounter with sperm whales you will spot to the west of the Ionian Sea, an enthralling experience to say the least. For diving enthusiasts, there are many diving cruises open as well. With visibility down to 30 to 40 meters into the sea, it is guaranteed to be an experience of a life time. Corals, colorful and beautiful sponges, starfishes, sea anemones, not to mention the huge variety of fish species are just a part of the paradise you will discover. These cruises are handled by very experienced people and some of them even include dives to see shipwrecks.

The northwest part of Greece is mostly known for its forested mountains and deep winding rivers, which have some of the oldest and exquisite bridges standing over them. One such breathtaking place is Zagoria, located in Epirus, which is famous for its 45 villages, consisting of stone houses and surrounded by mountains full of pine and oak trees. Nearby is Bourazani environmental park, which is guaranteed to blow you away. Central Greece is an unspoiled heaven, which is once again famous for its pine forests, and the high mountains they stand on. Some of the most impressive gorges can be found in this region and it is ideal for treks. You can easily get guides from the many hotels in this area, who will be more than happy to take you around this spectacular area.

Another attractive feature are the caves in Greece, ranging from underwater to subterranean caves, they can be found in huge numbers both on the mainland as well as on the numerous islands. With many villages rejecting mass tourism and adopting ecotourism as a means to increase revenue, the number of visitors wanting to explore the real Greece is increasing every year. This has made it easier for people to take up such trips as well, with many amenities available to them. Visiting such delicate places, tourists are also required to be responsible and understand the consequences of damaging such sites. They need to behave responsibly and follow all rules of a certain area, which due to the nature of their purpose will vary from place to place. This is essential if these sites are to be maintained for future generations to enjoy as well. Ecotourism in Greece is not just about providing tourists with entertaining places to visit, but also conserving these sites to ensure a better tomorrow.