Rafting sport is particularly popular in countries with wild rivers. As Greece has plenty of wild landscapes and rough rivers, many clubs organize frequent rafting excursions to these areas. The most popular areas to practice rafting in Greece are found in Northern Greece and the Peloponnese.

In Northern Greece, the most popular areas to practice rafting in Greece are: Arachtos River (Epirus) and Tavropos and Megdovas Rivers (Evritania, Central Greece). In the Peloponnese, you can do some rafting in Loussios and Alfios Rivers (Arcadia). These rafting paths present various degrees of difficulty. There are some parts that require certain rafting experience and previous capacities, while there are also others that are appropriate for beginners. In any case, most clubs that organize rafting in Greece offer courses for novices. Note that some excursions last for more than one day and may combine rafting with other sports, such as trekking or horse riding.