Sailing in Greece is one of the many sports that one can practice during the holidays in this beautiful country. Whether one wishes to sail for pleasure or for high endurance sport, Greece can satisfy all sailing expectations. This country is considered as a paradise for sailing and with its many gulfs and archipelagos it offers all kind of seas and winds. A trip in the Greek seas on a pleasure bareboat, privately owned or chartered, is a unique experience.

Greece offers more than 2,000 islands and islets of which only 169 are inhabited, each one offering a special beauty, charm and many virgin bays accessible only by boat.

Sailing areas, winds, companies and federation

We propose essential information in order to get an idea about conditions for sailing in Greece: sailing areas, winds, agencies in Poros, Lefkada, Mykonos, Paros and other and federation info.

Some of the most famous areas for Greece sailing are the islands of Poros island, Lefkada island, Paros island, Skiathos island, Corfu island and more. Many yacht charter agencies are settled there.

The winds of Greece

The Aegean Sea Winds usually blow during the summer season, from May to September, but they are particularly known for the months of July and August. Those winds are called “Meltemia” and they are mostly blowing during the day and their average duration is from 2 to 4 days. The Meltemia do not have the same direction in all the regions of the Greek Seas. In the Northern Aegean, they come from the NE, in the central Aegean (Cyclades) from the North and in the South Aegean from the NW. The intensity of the winds depends on the region. One of the stronger Meltemi can be found in the Island of Naxos, in the Cyclades, which attracts many windsurfers. Strong winds blow on the Aegean Sea also during the winter with a power of 8-9 Beaufort.